How to play golf like a pro?

A number of golfers aspire to play the game like a professional however; doing so is easier said than done. While natural talent is also necessary to play the game but one must work hard and with perseverance to develop it. Many golf professionals have been practicing since a young age under the guidance of a golf coach for long hours.  Here are some tips for you if you are the one aspiring to play golf like a pro:

Hiring a golf coach

If you have just started to play golf, taking lessons from the local PGA pro would be quite helpful. For low-handicap players, taking help from a good swing coach would enhance the skills required for the game. Even top PGA Tour pros use swing coaches. To find the best golf coaches in the United States, publications like “Golf Magazine” and “Golf Digest” should be viewed as they publish the top golf instructors’ lists.

Increasing the swing speed

According to a report by the “Golf Digest”, players who typically score over eighty have an average swing speed of 89 mph. To enhance the swing speed, one needs to have sound golf swing fundamentals and work on the levelers, rotation, and creating lag. In addition to this, the swing speed can also be enhanced through strengthening your core muscles and enhancing your flexibility. 

Learning to shape your shots

Professional golfers have a tremendous control on the shots they make. They can purposely hit a fade that moves from left to right or a draw that travels from right to left. It is asserted that draws are hit by playing the ball a little farther back from your position, aiming your body to the target’s right side, then aiming the target with your club face, and effectively reinforcing your grip. Fades could be hit by doing the opposite or playing the ball a little forward in your position, aligning your shoulders, feet, and hips to the target’s left side, and aiming the target with your club face. 

Improving your short game

The best way for trimming strokes from one’s score is to improve one’s short game and particularly putting. Putting could be done in different ways and hence one would have to experiment for finding the best technique that suits the game. While hitting any sort of short game shot, there are two contact points; clubhead striking the ball and clubhead striking the ground. In order to be golf pro, one must optimize both for hitting quality short shots. It is also recommended to have golf equipment from top brands 

Apart from the above mentioned tips, one should also focus on strength training and flexibility improvement for becoming a professional golfer. Moreover, you must have a pair of comfortable ladies golf shoes to ensure the right balance required for making the perfect swing because golf shoes have too much importance when you are playing golf like a pro and golf shoes can really helps in your game. Regular practice is a must as hard work and perseverance guarantee success. Another important thing that should be taken care of is the golf attire. One must be dressed up comfortably and like a professional golfer while playing golf.